Neonatal Intensive Care

Monash PoCUS program training and credentialing is offered to all Monash Newborn NICU Consultants/Fellows in the Neonatal Cranial PoCUS module. 

Prior to commencement,  we will require you to attend an internal Monash PoCUS program group induction and teaching session. Once you have completed this session, individually scheduled one-to-one bedside NICU training sessions with a Sonographer educator are arranged to help develop your ultrasound skillset until the completion of credentialing. Please refer to credentialing requirements documentation on tabs above.

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Dr Pramod Pharande        Neonatologist, Monash Newborn, MCH

Ms Glenda McLean           Sonographer Educator, Diagnostic Imaging, MCH

Dr Alice Stewart               Service Director, Monash Newborn, MCH

Prof Michael Ditchfield    Director, Paediatric Diagnostic Imaging, MCH