Welcome to the Monash PoCUS program! PoCUS (focused) ultrasound training and credentialing is offered to all Emergency department registrars, fellows and consultants in core ultrasound modules (see ED program structure below). We are also introducing training for Critical Care HMO3 during ED rotations in 2022 (basic modules).

The heart of our PoCUS program is one-to-one ultrasound skills training with dedicated sonographer educators in the clinical environment. Prior to commencing with the program, we require completion of a Monash Health BASICS course OR a recent external approved PoCUS course. If you hold recognised ultrasound credentials (eg ASUM CCPU, GradCertUS) please email us to make appropriate arrangements for recognition and to get started with the program.

Once you are engaged with our program, whether you are credentialed or just starting out, unlimited one-to-one training sessions are available to develop, finesse or refresh your skills anytime. We recommend an annual refresher session at minimum to maintain good scanning and interpretive ultrasound skills.

New to Monash or interested to get involved? Please email pocusprogram@monashhealth.org

EMERGENCY PoCUS courses 2022

Wed 16 Mar ED BASICS course 1 VA, eFAST, AAA

Wed 30 Mar   ED BASICS course 2 VA, eFAST, AAA 

Wed 13 Apr    ED BASICS course 3 VA, eFAST, AAA


Wed 18 May     ED BASICS course 4 VA, eFAST, AAA

Wed 1 June    ED ADV course 1 REN, RUQ, DVT, LUNG *Note new date

Wed 29 Jun  ED ADVANCED course 2 BELS/FELS ECHO            

Fri 15 Jul   ED ADV course 2 REN, RUQ, DVT, LUNG

Wed 20 Jul   ED BASICS course 5 VA, eFAST, AAA

Wed 31 Aug    ED BASICS course 6 VA, eFAST, AAA

Wed 7 Sep     ED BASICS course 7 VA, eFAST, AAA

Fri 7 Oct    ED ADVANCED course 3 BELS/FELS ECHO            

Fri 11 Nov    ED ADV course 3 REN, RUQ, DVT, LUNG  

ED PoCUS courses are open to Monash Health Emergency registrars, fellows and consultants.  ED BASICS courses are also open to Critical Care HMO3 during ED rotation.

All PoCUS training time is ACEM CME accredited (courses & one-to-one training with sonographer educators). CME certificates provided upon request.

Book courses or one to one training sessions online https://pocusprogram.simplybook.me/v2/

  • Only book yourself for one BASICS course – it is a single day course 9am-4pm.
  • Following the BASICS course, you will be able to book 1:1 training sessions at times to suit your schedule to continue to develop your scanning skills and work towards credentialing (instructions on how to do this will be given on your course day).
  • Please DO NOT start your PoCUS BASICS training if you are unable to dedicate the necessary time following the course day to develop your skills and work towards completing credentialing (eg. just about to sit exams, go on extended leave or rotate externally)
  • ADVANCED BELS/FELS ECHO & REN/RUQ/DVT/LUNG courses require completion of eFAST module credentialing prior to commencing this training (see program structure diagram above).
  • Evening MASTERCLASSES are specifically designed for refreshing & upskilling, particularly aimed at busy consultants. We tailor these session to suit a range of needs from the very experienced to the very rusty.



Carolynne Cormack BAppSc(MedRad) GDUlt GCHPE FASA AMS Sonographer Educator

Leah Kallos BMedRadSc GDMU AMS Sonographer Educator

Anthony Wald BTech MClinEd AMS (Card) Sonographer Educator (Cardiac)

Dr Gabriel Blecher MBBS (Hons) PDM FACEM CCPU MSc(Epi) Emergency Consultant

Dr Andre Vanzyl MBBS FACEM CCPU Emergency Consultant

Dr Igor Tulchinsky MBBS FACEM Emergency Consultant

Dr Melody Hiew MBBS FACEM CCPU Emergency Consultant

A Prof Pourya Pouryahya  MD FACEM CCPU GCert(ClinEpid) MTrauma Emergency Consultant

Dr Ciaran Joyce MB BCh BAO FACEM Emergency Consultant

Dr Yan Wang MBBS FACEM Emergency Consultant

Dr Anthony Navaretti MBBS CCPU Emergency Registrar


Dr Neil Goldie Service Director Emergency, Monash Health

A Prof Ronnie Ptasznik Service Director Diagnostic Imaging, Monash Health

A Prof Phil Mottram Director Non-Invasive Imaging, MonashHeart, Monash Health