Monash PoCUS program

JUNE UPDATE: PoCUS program non-cardiac bedside training and courses have resumed, however cardiac training in ED & ICU is temporarily suspended during June-July.

About us

Welcome! Our program is a unique Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) educational collaboration for Monash Health staff – involving Monash Imaging, Monash Heart, Emergency, Intensive Care and other departments. Dedicated PoCUS sonographer educators work with key senior medical staff to provide focussed ultrasound training and credentialing. Each medical specialty has a different program and scope of practise.

Getting started

We provide internal Monash Health PoCUS courses and one-to-one bedside training/credentialing for MH critical care HMO3, registrars, fellows and consultants in collaborating departments. See tabs above for specific program information. If you are new to Monash Health, please email us to get started in the program PRIOR to making any bookings. email: pocusprogram@monashhealth.org

Online bookings

Those already engaged with our Monash Health PoCUS program can use the link below to make online bookings for one-to-one bedside training and courses. Please note prerequisites for your specific departmental program (see tabs above). We provide training at all MH sites. If no open sessions suit you, please email us to arrange alternatives https://pocusprogram.simplybook.me